Wendy Regan, MD, Family Physician & Owner, HARBOUR DIRECT PRIMARY CARE, INC

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Whether routine or addressing a concern, visiting the doctor is no one’s favorite outing, but at HARBOUR DIRECT PRIMARY CARE, INC, every patient can feel empowered to take their health into their own hands. Bringing 24 years of post-graduate experience to her practice, owner and physician Dr. Wendy Regan treats patients through a prevention lens.

“Many disease states take years to develop but often with simple, sustained lifestyle changes, patients can change this trajectory and prevent illnesses,” she explains. “Having a Direct Primary Care practice allows me to spend more time with patients so I may coach and encourage them to develop habits that free them from disease and the need for expensive medications.”

From non-pharmaceutical options treating urinary incontinence to administering a non-invasive, needle- and chemical-free face lift procedure called EMFACE, Dr. Wendy seeks to minimize risk as much as possible. Though experienced in prescribing a wide range of medications and treatments, she finds it most rewarding to work one on one with patients, learn about their concerns, and help them make lifestyle changes to improve their long-term health, along with minimizing the burden of insurance involvement.

“One of my favorite encounters with patients is to be able to discontinue a medication that is no longer needed,” she shares. “Coaching patients to get optimal sleep, adequate protein, and fiber in their diets and to build manageable exercise habits creates a sense of well being that no medicine can achieve.”

Dr. Wendy received the Brown University teaching award in 2017 and 2021, and always strives to learn more. In addition to seeing patients, she offers restorative yoga classes, meditation support, and wellness talks on bladder health. Above all, she values the process of listening to and talking with patients to devise a wellness plan that’s right for them. “I am privy to patient’s deepest fears and concerns as well as their greatest successes and triumphs. I take great pride in helping patients heal themselves.”


53 Narragansett Avenue, Jamestown