Cassie Collinson, Owner, CASSIE’S CANS

Leading Ladies 2024


CASSIE’S CANS had its humble beginning in 2015 when Collinson was working for her father’s rooter business. “As a kid, I remember having an obsession with making a few bucks on my own, running lemonade stands, yard sales, and fundraising,” says Cassie. “Fast forward to my 20-year-old self asking my dad what he thought about me opening a rental business. We laughed at the idea of porta johns, but I also thought this was potentially a really good idea. I obsessed over a business plan and drew it all out. My parents, extremely supportive of the idea, put a lien against their house, so I could be approved for a $68,000 loan. I purchased 20 plastic toilets and a flatbed truck with a tank. The rest is history! At times I feel like my only memory of my 20s was building Cassie’s Cans from scratch.”

Since her Leading Ladies debut in 2021, Cassie returns three years later to proudly report she’s nearly doubled her portable toilet inventory and fleet of service trucks. Construction sites still continue to boom in RI’s economy, allowing Cassie and her diverse team of men and women to service hundreds of commercial and residential job sites each week. The business is expanding in 2024 with their newest addition of Restroom Trailers. These trailers will cater to outdoor weddings, private venues, and renters seeking a new level of luxury bathrooms. Customers will be able to pick from different climate controlled trailers with lighting and toiletry options, and see photos of different trailer options and sizes on their website by this spring.

From servicing job sites throughout the state every week to repairing toilets, performing maintenance on their trucks, and more, Cassie’s dedicated staff keep the portable restroom business running smoothly. “Their job commitment and work ethic is what allows me to have an ever-expanding business. I am lucky to enter 2024 with a stellar crew, and eager to get these luxury trailers rolling.”