Leading Ladies 2024


As CEO and owner of VISUAL THRIVE MARKETING GROUP, Lori Giuttari believes in bringing clients to their highest potential. After several high-level roles in her career, including managing political campaigns and advising owners and decision-makers, she focuses her wealth of experience on small businesses in Rhode Island.

“Strong communities begin with strong commerce,” says Lori, who partners with owners to determine their best marketing strategy for growth. Her all-women team delivers everything needed for effective digital marketing, from strategic planning to web design and development to social media, content development, photography, and video. They also run ShopLocalRI.com, the state’s first open-source online marketplace that launched during COVID.

“Initially, it was simply a directory,” says Lori, “but in true entrepreneurial style, we dove in because we knew businesses weren’t going to be able to sustain a long-term closure without new and easy ways to generate revenue.”

Lori and her team continue to streamline the digital and e-commerce side of small businesses. After all, she says, “There’s no need to learn marketing when you have a business to run.”


VisualThrive.com & ShopLocalRI.com