Jennifer Jones Rashleigh, Artist/Owner, CÉDIAN PAINTING: STUDIO-GALLERY

Leading Ladies 2024


“My work as an artist is about the process of observing the world acutely, distilling natural details into their salient poetic eloquence,” says Jennifer Jones Rashleigh, owner of CÉDIAN PAINTING: STUDIO-GALLERY in the heart of Historic Tiverton Four Corners. 

Her portfolio of water and wildlife paintings dazzle visitors with her detailed, dynamic, and tactile art. “I work with acrylic in every capacity: diluted washes, translucent gel coats, brushed, poured, thrown, knifed, dragged opacities, and thickly pulled impasto textures that lift off the canvas.” Jennifer is also known for her hand-painted pillows: “I encourage my clients to run their eyes and hands over the artwork. Something generative occurs when we look at and touch something simultaneously.” A pillow room in the gallery is dedicated to just this, featuring a plush mountain of pillows. Grand scale ocean scenes line the walls with occasional sky views. 

Fresh out of the studio, original signed paint shirts are available, a few of which recently made their way to Park Avenue, NYC. Miniature wave ornaments hang on a tree and occupy mini-easels, and Jennifer’s growing stone coaster collection includes Goldfinch and Thistle, among 75 other wildlife-inspired designs.

At Cédian Painting, anyone can see finished work next to the creative process. “I prefer a working studio,” says Jennifer. “Art means more when you can see how it’s made: sketching, underpainting, value studies, layering. When you see how art is assembled, it’s easier to understand the work.”  

Shifting careers after 9/11 from art historian and US Fulbright Scholar, Jennifer started painting and never looked back. “I’m grateful for the time I spent researching and teaching art history. It informs my subject, aesthetic focus, and method.” Discover Jennifer’s art for yourself at Making Waves, a pillow-painting class Tuesdays 6-8pm April 9, 16, 23, and 30. Celebrate the May Flower Spring Reception, May 11, 5-7pm. Visit Cédian Painting weekly Wednesday-Saturday, 12-4pm and by appointment any time.


3848 Main Road, Tiverton