Debra L. Chernick, General Counsel, SAYER REGAN & THAYER, LLP

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“If the community was a tapestry, I view my practice of law as a gold thread woven throughout the fabric,” explains Debra L. Chernick, Esq. Originally a solo practitioner, for the past decade she has been General Counsel to SAYER REGAN & THAYER, LLP of Wakefield and Newport, concentrating on real estate closings, preparation of wills and powers of attorney, probate, and family matters.

Whether it’s buying or selling a home, preparing estate documents, opening a new business, or helping a couple going through the pain of a dissolution, Debra’s work touches so many people. “I see my practice of law not just as my profession, but as a service to the community at large.” When her clients walk in as strangers, they leave as part of the SRT family. “I’m proud to have worked with multiple generations of families and thankful that each of them continues to provide referrals. Whatever the need, we are here with an open door, a welcoming staff, and ready to listen.”

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343c Main Street, Wakefield