Jacquelyn Aldrich, Registered Nurse, OCEANSIDE CHIROPRACTIC

Leading Ladies 2024


Jacquelyn Aldrich BSN, IBCLC is a registered nurse with almost 30 years of experience in labor delivery and postpartum support, as well as a licensed private practice Internationally Board Certified Lactation Consultant. She has worked in two local hospitals, a pediatric office, and began her private practice, within OCEANSIDE CHIROPRACTIC, in 2020. She hosts a free weekly Milk Circle where many gather to feed their babies and ask questions. “It was an inspiration to create a safety net I once deeply craved when I was breastfeeding and raising my boys.”

A mother of four sons, Jacquelyn is also a mother to many others. “My joy comes from working in the community with families and providers helping to bring health and happiness from belly to breast,” she says. Jacquelyn’s specialties are pregnancy, birth, breastfeeding, babies, with a motto of  “belly, breast, bowl.”

When she isn’t helping mamas and babies or taking courses on improving breastfeeding outcomes, she can be found gardening, talking to her chickens, and spending time with her five men and two dogs.


105 Franklin Street Unit 27/28, Westerly