Heidi Werther Coaching & Consulting, LLC, Founder & CEO

Leading Ladies 2024


Since the pandemic, company culture is a topic that’s more important than ever, and HEIDI WERTHER, EXECUTIVE COACH & CONSULTANT has the skills and experience to help. “I’ve heard from many human resources colleagues that improving company culture is a huge focus for 2024, and a challenge. The reality is, they cannot do it alone,” says Heidi. Team and company culture is just one of the many areas Heidi supports when she engages with her client organizations.

An experienced leader, Heidi landed her first leadership role at the age of 23 at a Fortune 500. She learned the hard way, without much support, and has since led various teams in both for profit and non-profit organizations. Heidi leverages her passion, success, and focus on effective communication, to support leaders and teams to increase their effectiveness and drive optimal business results.

“Partnering with leaders, from emerging to senior level, engaging in one-on-one coaching, team and group coaching, and training, I support my clients to elevate their leadership skills, self-awareness, and confidence, resulting in improved working relationships, leading to healthier cultures and improved outcomes.”