Kathleen Flaherty, Sales Associate, Residential Properties & “The East Coast Rhody” “Love Where You Live”

Leading Ladies 2024


“Through resilience and perseverance, anything is possible.” No one knows this better than Kathleen Flaherty, whose life journey has been filled with many unexpected twists, turns, and challenges – all of which she has bravely faced with determination, versatility, and a commitment to community.

A mother of four and a graduate from Johnson & Wales University, Kathleen has worn many hats in her career, from math interventionist, to real estate professional, to published author of children’s book An Octopus Named Mom. However, nine years ago, Kathleen suffered a traumatic brain injury that altered the course of her life forever. Her indomitable spirit saw her through, and she emerged stronger than ever, using the experience as a catalyst for personal growth – the perfect opportunity arising when she and her family moved to Barrington.

Rhode Island holds a special place in Kathleen’s heart. Growing up in Hog Island along the Narragansett Bay, you could say the ocean runs in her veins. Despite a background in education, Kathleen made the decision to pivot entirely to real estate, viewing her work as a way to “positively impact people’s lives, one transaction at a time.” Today, she is a full-time sales associate with RESIDENTIAL PROPERTIES, member of the Greater Providence Board of Realtors, and has been recognized with the Circle of Excellence Gold Award. “I love the friendships and connections I’ve made with my clients while helping them,” says Kathleen, saying that it is her favorite part of the job.

Kathleen has also garnered quite the digital presence through her Instagram account and persona, The East Coast Rhody (@theeastcoastrhody). This platform is a true reflection of her unparalleled love for the Ocean State, through which she’s been supporting and promoting local businesses for the last six years in the form of thoughtful posts and stories.

Unfortunately, Kathleen recently faced another formidable challenge – a serious back injury. Her days were filled with prolonged pain and, oftentimes, the inability to walk. But in true Kathleen Flaherty fashion, this did not slow her down one bit. She underwent not one but two major back surgeries, all while steadfastly fulfilling her role as both a devoted mother and dedicated real estate professional. This period of adversity only underscores Kathleen’s unwavering resilience, determination, and positivity.

Kathleen continues to face every obstacle head-on, finding fulfillment in helping others navigate challenging times in their own lives. She finds joy in being an active member of the community, whether it’s in her personal life or professional role. “I wake up each morning with a heart full of gratitude for my family, friends, clients, and my good health,” says Kathleen. Her commitment to community is a testament to her belief in the power of collaboration and mutual support, two things that were key in her own healing journey.

To say Kathleen serves as a positive role model is an understatement. Her story continues to inspire those around her, not only as one of professional success, but a narrative woven with strength, family values, and deep appreciation for the local community. As for what’s next? “I’m excited to continue helping clients on their real estate journey,” says Kathleen, “while living life to the fullest and finding joy in the simple things.”


259 County Road, Barrington