Katherine Lang & Jennifer Wokoske, Licensed Massage Therapist & Certified Health Coach/Personal Trainer, JEKA WELLNESS CENTER

Leading Ladies 2024


When Jen Wokoske started seeing Katherine Lang for massage, and Katherine began taking Jen’s fitness classes, the two became fast friends. Up until then, both women were providing wellness services out of their homes – Katherine a licensed massage therapist and Jen a certified health coach and personal trainer. They quickly realized uniting their talents under one roof, as well as bringing in other top-rated practitioners, would accomplish their goal of sharing wellness with the community. So, in 2022, they opened JEKA WELLNESS CENTER.

JeKa Wellness Center provides convenient, affordable, and holistic therapies such as massage therapy, fitness, nutrition, reiki, acupuncture, esthetics and permanent makeup. Katherine manipulates soft tissue and joints to treat injuries and promote wellness, and is often called a “miracle worker” by clients on her table. Jen works with clients to understand and support sustainable health goals with tailored fitness and nutrition plans, and is working towards her certification as an Integrative Health Practitioner.

In addition to their current services, they are excited to offer community workshops on topics like mindfulness, bone health, nutrition, and more.


512 Main Street, Wakefield