Tanya Donahue, President & Owner, RIKB DESIGN BUILD

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Tanya Donahue has not only carved a path in the construction industry but has also elevated her firm to one of the largest in the New England region, ranking in the national remodeling Top 500 and 550 firms for many years. Growing up surrounded by the buzz of construction, Tanya’s journey may have seemed predestined, but the legacy she’s built for RIKB DESIGN BUILD speaks volumes about her dedication and passion for the industry.

“I have sawdust in the blood,” Tanya jokes, reflecting on her lifelong love for construction. This enthusiasm aligns seamlessly with RIKB’s commitment to delivering warmth and professionalism as they bring clients’ dream spaces to life. Her leadership style, characterized by innovation, creativity, and care for her team, has created an environment where employees thrive, and clients receive exceptional service.

Together with her team, Tanya especially enjoys creating spaces for all chapters of life, from raising families and entertaining friends to providing for loved ones or facilitating aging in place during retirement. “We take pride in meeting our clients exactly where they are in life and find immense joy in the direct impact we have on our clients’ lives, as they welcome us into their homes and trust us to uphold our promises,” Tanya shares. Her commitment to client satisfaction is demonstrated through the various design awards their team has won, but also the GuildQuality and Houzz customer service designations.

Her dedication to her team’s professional development is ingrained in the company culture as RIKB has been recognized as RIKB has been recognized as a PBN “Best Place to Work” every year since 2018. “RIKB isn’t just a remodeling firm; it’s a place where careers are built,” Tanya proudly shares. “We have employees who we trained right out of school as interns, apprentices, and design associates who now have full careers here. Without our team, nothing else matters.” Her joy lies in witnessing their growth, both professionally and personally, and seeing them transform into industry leaders.

Tanya’s achievements and accolades, including the Extreme Sales award from ProRemodeler magazine and the MVP award from the Builders and Remodelers Association of Greater Boston, underscore her commitment to excellence. Her impact extends beyond her firm’s success; she has been an integral part of the industry, serving on the Rhode Island Builders Association board and sharing her insights at national conferences.

This year holds exciting prospects for Tanya and RIKB as they unveil their newly remodeled Design Center and host several seminars and client events that exemplify their meaningful influence in the lives of those they serve. Tanya remarks, “Witnessing the transformative impact we bring to our clients’ lives is the most fulfilling aspect of my journey. Crafting dream spaces goes beyond construction; it’s about creating lasting joy, comfort, and memories for those we serve.”

If you’re thinking of remodeling, join the RIKB team at one of their complimentary seminars at their Design Center. “These seminars really help anyone thinking of remodeling to discover cutting-edge innovations, styles, and trends, engage with our award-winning designers, explore recent projects, and immerse themselves in inspiration at our design center displays,” says Tanya.


139 Jefferson Boulevard, Warwick