Dr. Amanda Zarriello, PT, DPT, Owner, RESTORE PHYSICAL THERAPY

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Dr. Amanda Zarriello embraces a holistic approach to recovery that delves beyond the symptoms. Her mantra? Skilled manual therapy can make an immediate impact on pain and mobility, and she’s on a mission to prove it.

RESTORE PHYSICAL THERAPY caters to females aged 35-60 striving to reclaim their fitness and manage age-related challenges such as joint or back pain, headaches, musculoskeletal changes, etc. She also works with adult athletes to overcome hindrances like tendinitis, sprains, and back/shoulder pain. With six- to eight-session programs, progress is tracked through an app, keeping patients focused on recovery. Every hour session of one-on-one care with a doctor in PT ensures a deep understanding of each patient’s unique needs.

“Pain is a complex issue that manifests differently in each person, both physically and emotionally,” says Dr. Zarriello. “That’s why we spend more time with our patients than your typical PT clinic.”

Armed with a Doctorate in Physical Therapy from Sacred Heart University and a Bachelor’s degree in Kinesiology from URI, Dr. Zarriello’s journey blends her athletic background with a deep passion for helping others through manual therapy, dry needling, and therapeutic exercise. If you’re ready for personalized care, book your discovery call at RestorePTRI.com.


10 Worthington Road, Cranston