Kim Elliott-Peterson, Owner & Designer, KEP INTERIOR DESIGNS, INC

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Considering Kim Elliott-Peterson has been rearranging furniture since working babysitting gigs as a kid – the families coming home to happy children and sleeker floorplans – it’s fair to say she’s been “designing” since an early age. Today the owner of KEP INTERIOR DESIGNS, INC consults with her clients before jumping into a project – and savors every step of the process.

“I love to work on comprehension projects where I am involved from the onset and right up until the last piece of artwork is hung,” says Kim. “I like digging deep into how clients live, what colors appeal to them, how they want their home to function and flow to create an end result they’ll love and wouldn’t have thought of on their own.” From entire home additions to kitchens to bathrooms (her favorite), Kim is eager to tackle any size of project.

Kim graduated from URI with a degree in textiles and design, and has won several design awards for her work. “Feeling comfortable with your designer is key,” she says, noting that she’s stepping into some truly intimate spaces when renovating something like a master bedroom or bath. “Conversations can get pretty detailed, down to ‘do you shave in the shower?’ If so, ‘do we need to install a mirror for the face, or a toe-hold for the legs?’”

After the initial meeting, she tours the entire home to ensure the new design is cohesive with the design elements that already exist throughout, and addresses every item on the client’s wishlist – determining what’s doable, and what’s a little more difficult to work in the space – and finds a satisfying solution. Once a plan is decided, the fun really begins: choosing a color palette, with fixtures, paint, fabric, and other details to follow.

Perhaps most impressive is the number of bathrooms Kim has designed over the years – “hundreds,” she says, laughing. “I love my work in general and love creating all sorts of interiors. But designing bathrooms is always particularly rewarding. They’re a high ticket room to renovate, and people don’t go into it willy-nilly. Most often, the bathrooms are pretty outdated by the time the clients are ready to remake them.” That makes the before/after transformation fun, not to mention dramatic.

While Kim may have been dubbed “Queen of the Potty” by a client, she also sees her work as an opportunity to change people’s perceptions of interior designers. “Over the years, designers got a bad rap and are often seen as pushy. That’s not how I work,” she says. “Working with a designer can be lots of fun and can save you time and stress that comes with a renovation. I might not always personally love what the clients pick, but I love it for them.”

Whether you are updating an aging bathroom into a sanctuary or planning a full-scale home renovation, Kim can help you realize your dream project. “The most gratifying part of my job is helping people to create the home they have longed for,” she says. “The thing that makes me the happiest at the end of a project is when I leave the client with a hug. I know they’re thrilled with the space I’ve created for them, and that I’ve made a friend!”


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