Emma Phaneuf, Owner, SHICKASHEEN FARM

Leading Ladies 2024


“Back to your roots” has a special meaning for Emma Phaneuf, who owns SHICKASHEEN FARM with her husband, Rob. Growing up, Emma spent countless hours helping tend her family’s gardens and greenhouse, but strayed far from the field with a career in real estate as an adult. At this time, she met Rob, whose grandparents founded Shickasheen Farm. However, when his grandfather passed, his grandmother Mary was forced to scale back operations.

In 2018, Emma started helping Mary on the farm. “While I had some knowledge of plants, I still had a lot to learn,” Emma admits. After a couple of summers, the couple decided to make it their full-time job once Mary was ready to retire – and Emma was determined to breathe new life into Shickasheen. She leveraged the power of social media, propelling their business and online presence. In 2021, at age 95, Mary officially turned over the reins.

Today, Shickasheen Farm is a garden center, gift shop and future pick-your-own daffodil farm – and Mary remains their biggest inspiration.


3798 Kingstown Road, West Kingston