Minna Ham, Lower School Director, GORDON SCHOOL

Leading Ladies 2024


Minna Ham is a dedicated educator who puts children first. She’s been a classroom teacher, a literary specialist and is now Lower School Director at the GORDON SCHOOL in East Providence. A child of immigrants, Ham believes that representation matters. “Gordon has a particularly diverse leadership team. But you don’t often find Asian American women in school leadership positions, so I know what it means for members of the Gordon community to see me here.” For Ham, her role is all about taking care of Lower School—that can come in the form of how people treat one another, what’s being taught in classrooms, how teachers are trained, or providing families with resources to help them advocate for and take care of their children. She’s proud to lead a division where students build strong foundational skills and teachers embrace challenges, especially when it comes to leaning into work around inclusivity and diversity. “Gordon is a special place; it was a place of so much professional growth for me, and I also watched my kids grow up here. I’m glad I can guide students, teachers and parents through their time at Gordon with experience, empathy and care.”


45 Maxfield Avenue, East Providence