Trisha A. Torres, President, ASPECTS, INC.

Leading Ladies 2024


“Working in an industry that helps wildlife, and in turn hopefully gives people a greater appreciation for the other creatures we share this planet with, is very important to me,” says Trisha A. Torres. When choosing a career, Trisha couldn’t imagine one that didn’t involve and align with her passion for animal welfare. “Whatever your chosen career path, be sure it’s something that you enjoy and feel is important,” says Trisha. “You can be flexible, but don’t ever compromise on the ethics that make you who you are.”

Today, Trisha is President of ASPECTS, INC., a Rhode Island-based manufacturer specializing in high-quality bird feeders. When she began working at the company almost 30 years ago, she quickly discovered an unexpected love for manufacturing. Just two short months after Trisha became president, the whole world shifted with the onset of the COVID-19 pandemic. She soon found herself confronting the same dilemma all businesses faced at that time: how to keep things running while keeping employees safe. Despite the turbulent environment created by the pandemic – personnel shortages, supply chain disruption, transportation limitations, and more – Aspects, Inc. prevailed. “We had the very best year of sales in the history of the company,” Trisha says proudly. 

On any given day, she can be found juggling multiple agenda items at once: sales, operation, accounting, personnel, marketing, research, and design. Trisha thrives in this setting, known for her go-getter attitude, solution-oriented approach, and lead-by-example mentality. “One of my favorite aspects of my job is that every day I wear many hats,” says Trisha, who is invested in every part of the manufacturing process, from concept to product.

“I decided many years ago that it was imperative that we remain true to our roots and keep all of our manufacturing in the United States,” explains Trisha. She is proud to share that Aspects, Inc. continues to craft all of their feeders right here in Little Rhody. 


245 Child Street, Warren