Meredith Brower, Director & Marketing Manager, TIVERTON FARMERS MARKET

Leading Ladies 2024


Meredith Brower is an eco-artist who specializes in gathering things and turning them into a cohesive whole, so it’s no wonder that being director and marketing manager of TIVERTON FARMERS MARKET (TFM) is a perfect fit. Meredith launched the market in 2020, a time when everything seemed to be coming apart.

“It sprung from a cultural moment when we were all craving connection,” Meredith begins. “And it’s grown into not only a source of local produce, artisanal foods, and neighborly camaraderie, but also an educational experience of our food system.”

Now in year four, TFM offers 50 markets a year, of which include nine specialty food-themed markets, like the Strawberry Social in June, Cranberry Craze Market in November, and this past October’s inaugural Garlic Roast Market, which brought in over 50 vendors and 2000 patrons.

“I love connecting people in our community. Sunday is our big market day when we get to set up our market table display, open our doors to the public, welcome guests and engage with the neighbors and friends!”


Winter: 10 Quintal Drive

Summer: 3588 Main Road, Tiverton