Caroline Chang, MD, FAAD, Board Certified Dermatologist & Founder, RHODE ISLAND DERMATOLOGY INSTITUTE

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Just like every work of art is unique, so is each individual face. That’s why Dr. Caroline Chang’s treatments are never cookie cutter – the dermatologist and founder of the RHODE ISLAND DERMATOLOGY INSTITUTE works closely with each patient to build trust and find the best possible procedure.

“It’s the best feeling when my patients have full confidence in me and trust me with their faces,” relays Dr. Chang, who started her practice from scratch five years ago. “Those five years have been extremely rewarding and also challenging. I had to rebuild my patient base and navigate COVID. Through it all I’ve grown so much as a dermatologist and a business owner.” Offering Botox, dermal fillers, laser treatments (for skin rejuvenation, rosacea, and hair removal), chemical peels, non-surgical thread lift, brown spot and mole removal, Dr. Chang manages all aspects of the business, from marketing to performing procedures.

With a focus on taking the time to listen to patients’ individual needs in order to reach their personal goals, Dr. Chang runs a direct care office, meaning insurance isn’t accepted and a fee is paid at the time of the appointment (often the same cost as a copay for seeing a dermatologist). “I became disillusioned with the healthcare system, which was causing overworked doctors, short visits for patients, and general dissatisfaction,” she explains of this choice. “In this model, I spend more time with my patients, you see an actual doctor at each visit, I am accessible by phone or email for all my patients, and I am the one that responds to these messages.”

Direct online booking streamlines the process of getting an appointment, which average 30 minutes and are often available the same day or same week. Once you’re in Dr. Chang’s care, you get her honest, informed opinion and there’s never any pressure to go through with a procedure. “My patients know that building a trusting relationship with your doctor is the first step in getting the most out of their visits and treatments. Whether it’s a medical visit or a cosmetic concern, I look at each patient as an individual and tailor the treatments to their concerns,” she says. “I specifically focus on low-downtime procedures because my patients are like me – busy and can’t take time off!”

Dr. Chang’s accolades and professional memberships speak to her accomplishments in the field. A Board Certified Dermatologist since 2012, she’s earned awards from Providence Business News, and serves as a member of the Review Board for Prevention Magazine, as well as several professional societies, including the American Academy of Dermatology (AAD), Rhode Island Dermatology Society (RIDS), and others.

Her track record of happy patients is testament to her skilled work. An artist herself (with an art history degree from Princeton), Dr. Chang has a knack for evaluating form and balance when it comes to cosmetic treatments with a “less is more” approach. Guiding patients through small steps to achieve their desired results – within their budget – takes precedence.

“When done correctly, no one should know you’ve had a cosmetic treatment. That is my goal,” says Dr. Chang. “You should look better but not different. Glowing and confident, not obvious. I want to be my patient’s best kept secret!”


5586 Post Road, Suite 6, Lower Level, East Greenwich




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