Bonnie Edwards, Owner, ANEMONE FLORA BAR

Leading Ladies 2024


“Live your life to its fullest with joy and purpose.” This is the mantra for Bonnie’s life and floral business ANEMONE FLORA BAR, where she takes pride in offering personalized arrangements for her customers. Bonnie’s prior profession was as an oncology RN for 12 years. She later entered the Pharmaceutical clinical research arena participating in new novel oncology clinical research drug trials for over two decades. It was Bonnie’s late husband Rick that inspired her to take a leap of faith and pursue her passion for floral design. Rick said to her in February of 2022, “You need to do something you are passionate about before you leave this earth. Do what you love and what inspires you.” Bonnie also serves on the Board of Directors for the non-profit foundation Glimmer of Hope.

Anemone Flora Bar specializes in florals that capture the free-flowing beauty seen in nature. With an appreciation for color, texture, and curves, each unique design can be artful, often whimsical, and always timeless and elegant. Bonnie is now happy to offer Anemone Flora Bar at your celebration where she will set up an indoor floral bar for you and your guests to enjoy. It’s all about the memories.


1495 Middle Road, East Greenwich