Margot Jones, Myofascial Release Therapist, SUN STAR HEALING & MYOFASCIAL RELEASE

Leading Ladies 2024


“Through conscious awareness, we all have the capability to heal,” says Margot Jones of SUN STAR HEALING & MYOFASCIAL RELEASE. Myofascial release is a therapeutic approach that heals physical and emotional pain in the body by releasing restrictions in the fascia, a dense connective tissue that holds the memory of trauma. Margot knows first-hand the healing power that this approach provides. She continues to expand her knowledge in the field, and is now addressing women’s health issues and also doing pelvic floor work.

Margot’s clients describe her as knowledgeable, intuitive, and dedicated. She uses a holistic approach integrating the physical, emotional, and mental bodies, and intuitively assists clients back to health, guiding them on their healing journey. Margot is enrolled in an herbalism program and plans on weaving this into her practice following completion of the program. Additionally, she has a passion for educating our youth and recently authored a children’s story, The Wisdom of Nature: Messages for Mia, part of a compilation of short stories in Brave Kids: Short Stories to Inspire Our Future World Changers, Volume 2.


10 High Street, Suite H9, Wakefield

401 541-8064