Watch Victor Baez Grow a Platform for Underrepresented Voices

Journalist and Podcast Host

Tell us about yourself, your connection to Providence, and your work.

I am a born-and-raised Providence Afro-Latino Dominican kid who grew up on the Southside proudly with immigrant parents. I am now the owner of the most popular independent podcast and YouTube channel in the state. I cover and break some of the biggest stories that happen in this city. I film and edit everything myself locally and I highlight Providence artists and businesses every week. I do not plan on ever leaving this city. I worked very hard to graduate from Classical High School and become my family’s first-generation college graduate with a business degree from the University of Rhode Island. I remained an entrepreneur throughout and have yet to work for anyone other than myself. I am now raising my son with my girlfriend of seven years in this city.

What’s your motivation for doing this work?

Every time I go outside, the people of Providence refer to me as the “Mayor.” Even though they’re joking, it’s a subliminal role of responsibility they’re placing on me. I am passionate about learning and showing people what I have learned, and without trying, I’ve filled a need for leadership this city has lacked, especially for the Black and Brown community of kids and young adults. This is something I have come to realize in the past few months.

In what ways do you hope to leave an impact on our city in the coming months?

I’m looking to continue developing more platforms and content to highlight local artists, and regular everyday people – everything from a dating show to a homeless sheltering program, to a backseat freestyle performance show for musicians.

What challenges do you anticipate having to overcome in 2024 to achieve these goals?

I currently run and do everything myself and hope to generate more revenue to hire staff. This would allow me to employ local kids who want to do what I currently do, and to finally pay my friends for all of the time they spend with me filming content.

What’s your reason for optimism approaching 2024?

My two-year-old son Ocean Nasir Baez, who is part of both the Cambodian and Dominican communities of Providence, and he’s named after the Ocean State – everything I do is to solidify a future for my family, all while still remaining passionate and having fun at my job.




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