Watch Dr. Marianne Raimondo Champion the Next Generation’s Workforce

Dean, School of Business at Rhode Island College

Tell us about yourself, your connection to Providence, and your work.

Many Rhode Island College (RIC) students are from Providence and are graduates of Providence high schools. My number one goal is to ensure these students receive an excellent education and have a positive and supportive academic experience. I also want to meet the needs of Providence businesses and employers by preparing students with the knowledge and skills they need to be productive and successful employees. I meet with businesses and nonprofits to learn about their workforce needs and then work to meet them, creating a pipeline for our students.


What’s your motivation for doing this work?

My motivation is creating opportunities for Providence students and their families by providing a pathway to higher education and supporting these students through graduation and beyond to create career opportunities that will lead to not only financial well-being but overall well-being. I am passionate about working to ensure equitable opportunities for all students and families


In what ways do you hope to leave an impact on our city in the coming months?

RIC, as a public institution, takes seriously its mission to serve the community. In the School of Business, we do this in many ways: through partnerships with community organizations and state agencies, we are very involved in workforce development initiatives, creating certificate programs, apprenticeships, and career ladders. Through our new institute, Cybersecurity & Emerging Technologies, we will also be supporting small businesses and municipalities, like Providence, in assuring their cyber protection and safety.


What challenges do you anticipate having to overcome in 2024 to achieve these goals?

There is no limit to our ideas for plans for 2024 – the challenge is always finding time and resources to do it all.

What’s your reason for optimism approaching 2024?

RIC is a college on the move and every day we are reaching out to build partnerships and identify ways we can better support the community. It has been exciting to foster new relationships with Providence-based businesses and community leaders and explore opportunities for collaboration. I am also optimistic about the Governor’s Learn365 RI initiative and the role RIC will play in supporting municipal learning centers, including the city of Providence.



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