8 Tips to Capture the Magic of Rhody Festival Season

Master festival photography without missing a moment


Ready to capture some memorable shots this festival season? Whether you're a seasoned professional photographer or a smartphone enthusiast, these tips will assist you in capturing Rhody summer memories that will last a lifetime.

Embrace the Golden Hours

The soft, golden light just after sunrise and before sunset creates magical photos. Early mornings provide quieter scenes for serene moments, while the evening light adds a natural glow to performance shots. Plus, it flatters everyone, even if they've been dancing all day! 

Pack the Essentials

Smart packing is key! Make sure to bring a reliable camera, a versatile 24-70mm lens, a lightweight tripod, extra batteries, and memory cards. Don’t forget to pack a wide-angle lens for capturing dramatic crowd shots and a comfortable bag to keep all your gear safe.

Capture the Crowds

Crowd shots play a crucial role in narrating the festival's story. Seek elevated locations to capture a panoramic view and opt for a higher aperture setting (f/8 to f/11) to ensure sharp focus on everyone. Look for distinctive moments within the crowd to capture remarkable shots.

Freeze the Action

Festivals are all about movement. Use a fast shutter speed (1/250th of a second or faster) and burst mode to capture the perfect moment. Manual focus helps in low light, ensuring you freeze the energy of the performance.

Play with Perspectives

Change your angles! Get low to capture detailed patterns or children playing, and shoot from above to highlight the scale of the event. Different angles can transform ordinary scenes into extraordinary images.

Engage with the Environment

Festivals aren’t just about the people – the setting is part of the magic too, and Rhode Island festivals offer the perfect backdrop for breathtaking photos. Capture the essence of these events by showcasing stunning backdrops, lively crowds, and vibrant festival grounds.

Beauty in the Details

Close-ups of a guitarist's fingers, vibrant festival flags, or a performer’s laughter lines tell a powerful story. Utilize a macro lens to capture these details with clarity, enhancing the depth of your festival album.

Stay Present, Stay Respectful

Immerse yourself in the festival and let your enthusiasm shine through your lens. Be mindful and respectful of performers and attendees; ask for permission for close-ups. This approach captures the true spirit of the event.


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