Rhode Island Trio Takes the Stage for 100th Episode Live at Comedy Connection on July 21

Chuck Staton and company unleash wicked laughter with the Funbearable podcast


Nearly as ubiquitous as our clam chowder shacks and Dunkin’ Donuts is a comedy scene as vibrant and surprising as a Red Sox comeback in the ninth inning. At the forefront is Chuck Staton, co-host of the Funbearable podcast, whose comedic style is as distinctive as a Rhode Island accent. Staton, along with his equally hilarious co-hosts Brad Rohrer and Ray Harrington, delivers a wickedly funny perspective that could only come from growing up in the Ocean State.

Staton credits much of his humor to New England's unique culture. “Being from Rhode Island, we kind of have a funny, beachy twist to that Boston way of living,” he says, noting his frequent use of the word "wicked." The trio’s chemistry stems from the local comedy scene, which Staton describes as incredibly supportive. “I've never wanted to do things the normal way, and the comedy scene around here has been very supportive of our quirky live events and podcast ideas. It's super refreshing,” he adds.

This support has been crucial to the podcast’s success. Loyal fans consistently pack venues for live shows. “We wouldn't be able to release live episodes if we didn't have a local fan base to fill up venues,” Staton acknowledges. “It's been awesome to be able to do that consistently here over the past few years.”

Collaborations with other Rhode Island comedians and artists are a staple of Funbearable. Staton frequently features local talent like Doug Key, who runs the Rogue Island Comedy Festival. “Doug Key is a great comic who has been on multiple times,” Staton shares. “He's a great guy to have involved with the show.” The podcast also promotes local businesses, such as Hungry Ghost Press and RI Food Fights. “It’s very genuine for us to talk about them and promote them because we sincerely think they’re doing great things.”

Despite the challenges of balancing a career in comedy, film, and podcasting with frequent travel between Rhode Island and New York, Staton’s connection to his home state remains strong. The adventures and mishaps of travel often become fodder for the podcast, subtly weaving Rhode Island’s unique character into their stories. “There’s actually an episode we filmed while driving from RI to Boston to get Ray to a cruise going to Alaska,” he recounts. “So much of our travel starting in Rhode Island places us around cities, landmarks, and events in the area, which I think kind of subtly builds a world around us.” To purchase tickets for the 100th live show at Comedy Connection in East Providence, visit


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