Watch Lindsey Lidia Ramirez Open Doors for Women Entrepreneurs

Rhode Island Director, Center for Women & Enterprise

Tell us about yourself, your connection to Providence, and your work.

Rhode Island is my home turf – I was born in Pawtucket and raised in Providence. My journey has taken unexpected turns, from pursuing a degree in business to immersing myself in finance, teaching English, and finally transitioning to becoming a software engineer after attending a coding bootcamp. My five-year solo travels profoundly shaped my perspective. Now, as director of the RI Women’s Business Center part of the Center for Women & Enterprise, I’m committed to empowering women entrepreneurs in their unique journeys.


What’s your motivation for doing this work?

My motivation and work are fueled by the glaring need for tailored resources for women in our community. Drawing on personal experiences, I recognize the stigmas women face, especially when venturing into territories like entrepreneurship. The fact that over 70 percent of women multitask as caretakers while building businesses underscores the importance of our mission. My focus is on uplifting all women, particularly those underserved, BIPOC, LGBTQ+, and disabled, fostering self-sufficiency in the face of societal challenges.

In what ways do you hope to leave an impact on our city in the coming months?

I aim to elevate the visibility of the RI Women’s Business Center as a go-to resource for women from diverse backgrounds. By building a strong, inclusive community of women entrepreneurs, we will debunk the myth of isolation in their entrepreneurial journeys. My ultimate goal is to position the center as the prime inclusive hub for supporting women entrepreneurs in Rhode Island.


What challenges do you anticipate having to overcome in 2024 to achieve these goals?

Anticipated challenges in 2024 include managing the bandwidth needed to cover Rhode Island effectively. However, with our dynamic team supported by a robust network, a skilled and connected advisory board, and dedicated volunteers, we are well prepared to navigate any hurdles that may arise.


What’s your reason for optimism approaching 2024?

My optimism for 2024 stems from the brilliance, talent, and indomitable spirit of our clients and the wider women’s community. Witnessing the enthusiasm, need, and collective purpose in supporting women through events and connections reaffirms my commitment to making Rhode Island, and society at large, a better place for women in business.




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