Watch Amalfi Rosario Bridge Barriers in Healthcare Access

Founder, Health Care Connect

Tell us about yourself, your connection to Providence, and your work.

I moved to Providence when I was 10 years old from the Dominican Republic, and I’ve considered this city my home ever since. With a master’s degree in healthcare administration from Rhode Island College and certification as a community health worker, I’ve dedicated the past decade of my life to working in the healthcare field and actively engaging with the community. I take great pride in serving as the owner of Healthcare Connect to address the multifaceted social determinants of health. Our commitment goes beyond connecting clients to resources; we also ensure they attend their doctor’s appointments and coordinate services to provide comprehensive assistance.


What’s your motivation for doing this work?

Witnessing my own family’s struggles accessing resources due to language barriers deeply impacted me. Social determinants of health refer to various factors, such as socioeconomic status, education, and access to healthcare, that influence an individual’s overall well-being and health outcomes. There exists a gap among our clients who lack awareness of the available support. Our community health workers are steadfast in ensuring they receive necessary assistance.

In what ways do you hope to leave an impact on our city in the coming months?

Whether it’s through community initiatives or advocating for important social causes, I aim to be a force for positive change and progress in our city, and to leave a lasting impression by guaranteeing our clients have access to vital resources and know that they have a dedicated support system, someone who speaks their language, and is readily available to assist them. This way, we can build a stronger, more inclusive community where everyone can fully participate and flourish.

What challenges do you anticipate having to overcome in 2024 to achieve these goals?

One significant challenge we’ll face is the persistent housing shortage and homelessness issue, which directly affects our clients. Finding sustainable solutions for affordable housing and addressing the needs of the homeless population will be a complex endeavor. Ongoing public health concerns may further complicate our efforts. Overcoming these challenges will require a multifaceted approach.


What’s your reason for optimism approaching 2024?

The resilience and adaptability of our community and our capacity for positive change. As we learn from past challenges, we are better equipped to navigate the road ahead and build a brighter future for our community.




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