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RI Problems


There are a lot of uniquely Rhode Island problems. “When you’re out of state and you ask for coffee milk but you get a coffee and a milk,” you’ve got one, at least according to Erin Meehan and Russell Chiulli, the tweeters behind RI Problems. See also: “There is no GPS that can pronounce anything in Rhode Island;” “When you’re the only one who understands the jokes on Family Guy;” and “We stop at the sign of the lemon instead of at actual stop signs.” Sounds familiar, right? They also sound familiar to the 25,000 followers that RI Problems has on Twitter. Of course, there are plenty of actual Rhode Island problems, and the handle doesn’t shy away from those, tackling issues like Curt Schilling’s 38 Studios debacle and lending its support to good causes. (We’ve seen everything from promotion of local businesses to support of worthy charities to rallying votes for local contestants in the Miss USA pageant.) Really, it’s just a fun way to share our collective Rhode Island experience; one soldier deployed in Afghanistan recently tweeted to them as a reminder of home. After all, who doesn’t “give directions based off of places that don’t exist anymore”? As Erin and Russell say: “Smallest state. Longest name. Shortest motto. A lot of problems. #RIprobz”

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