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Leah Kent, Skill It


There are those of us who aspire to by Martha Stewart – to have domain over all manner of domestic goddess-dom, cooking every meal from scratch, making our own craft projects, living in immaculately organized homes. Then there are those of us who live in the real world, and don’t exactly have the time (or the full-time staff) to live a completely “whole living” life. (Let’s be serious. When you get a hole in your sock, you probably don’t shear a sheep in your yard, spin that wool into yarn, dye it with berries from your yard and sew it back into life. You just replace it with a new one from the store.) Luckily, we have Leah Kent, the creative force behind Skill It, to show us how to add elements of Martha-ness into our already full lives. On her website,, Leah offers online courses like “Heart and Soul Cooking,” a seven-day lesson in cooking delicious, healthy food with love. During the week, Leah sends her students a daily note that includes inspiration, helpful tips and recipes. She also offers similar workshops in creative lunches, holiday cooking and home decorating. “I always knew I would find a way to teach the things I love doing most – those old-fashioned talents like cooking in the kitchen, creating with a sewing machine or digging in the garden,” she says. “With Skill It, I get to be the Home Ec teacher I know I was meant to be.” 

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