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Baking is a precise art, and needs careful attention to be done correctly. But Ian Cappelano, Mike Lingwall and Peter Kobulnicky of Foremost Baking Company aren’t just interested in baking well; they’re interested in doing business well in Providence. “We decided that we wanted to pursue a different path in baking,” Ian says, “trying to give people the freshest stuff possible, really authentic stuff that was a little bit more handmade and locally oriented.” The three met as bakers at Seven Stars, and opened Foremost last fall in Butcher Block Mill. They supply bread and pastry to restaurants and cafes like White Electric, Coffee Exchange, Broadway Bistro, North, The Grange, The Dorrance and the CafeĢ at Easy Entertaining. (Plans to open a retail component to the bakery later this month are in the works.) “We bake at 2pm and deliver at 4:30pm, so it’s quite literally the freshest bread in Providence,” he says. “One of the reasons we like working with chefs so much is because of the weird things that they want. It really pushes our creativity in a different and challenging direction, and furthers our desire to be a niche, small batch, highly specialized bakery.” You might notice that those restaurants are local, independent, community-minded businesses, which is a priority for the guys. “We only supply to businesses that have the kind of mindset that we do,” Ian says. “We’re trying to bring cool things to Providence and we want to support people who do that.” They also get their supplies locally, from the likes of Farm Fresh RI, Schartner Farms, Wright’s Dairy Farm and Baffoni Farms Poultry. “We want people to support the community. If we’re not going to, how can we ask our customers to?”

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