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Dwo Wen Chen


Ceramic artist Dwo Wen Chen (or “Luke,” as he is more commonly known) may look like a nice, unassuming guy, but within lies the heart of a samurai... Or at least that’s how we choose to interpret the fact that the Museum of Fine Arts (MFA) in Boston commissioned him to contribute pieces to its current exhibit, Samurai! The Taiwanese artist was trained as a painter. He came to the US for what he calls “a more inspiring educational environment,” which he naturally found at RISD. “Being from a small farming village, seeking a higher education in the arts could be perceived as frivolous at the time,” he recalls. “Thankfully, I have a very supportive mother and family who encouraged my American dream.” He graduated from RISD in 1990 working as a studio potter, and has made clay his medium ever since. Two years ago he opened Three Wheel Studio on Wickenden Street to showcase the work of both local and national artists primarily working in clay – along with his own pieces, of course. His relationship with the MFA also began a couple of years ago when the president of the museum was given one of Luke’s works, then proceeded to buy several more as gifts for others, eventually asking him to make works for display. For Samurai! (on display through October 15), Luke is creating bamboo and Suzuki grass plates. While that might make him more artist than warrior, we think having the MFA come calling on you is still pretty badass. 

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