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Brandon Ward

Makeup Artist at Suite Tart


Name: Brandon Ward
Age: 40
Hometown: Warwick
Currently lives in: Providence
Occupation: Makeup Artist

Tell us about yourself.
I grew up in Warwick, in a small, close-knit family that has proven to be my greatest source of strength through the years. My parents were married very young and, 45 years later, are still together, so this role model has set quite a standard for me and what I expect in a relationship. I served four years in the Air Force and have lived in many different places in the past twenty years, most recently New York City.

What do you for fun?
I probably appear as quiet and reserved at first meeting, but those who know me would describe me as witty and sometimes a little on the wild side. I will go out of my way to make someone laugh and I play the part of the fool all too well. I like to sing and I'm not afraid to get up and sing karaoke after a few glasses of liquid courage. I have a penchant for anything Marilyn Monroe but I wouldn't call myself a collector, more of an admirer. On a Friday night I’m at the Dorrance, sipping on an Upandcumber or at the Avery enjoying a St. Germain Cosmo. Other nights out are usually spent around a friend’s kitchen table, eating, drinking and laughing.

What’s something that people would be surprised to know about you?
I was a welder and a machinist in the Air Force.

What do you find attractive?
The quickest way to my heart is to make me laugh and then buy me a drink (not necessarily in that order). It's a pretty simple equation. Someone who is well put-together, smells good and has a nice smile will get my attention; their modesty, charm and intelligence will be sure to leave a good impression. II’m very down to earth and honest; I'm a meat and potatoes kind of guy and I am far from perfect.

What’s your dating philosophy?
It's difficult putting yourself out there, facing rejection or even worse, being the one who is not interested. We've all been the rejecter and the reject - neither seat is a comfortable one, until finally, maybe you sit across from someone, and you like each other enough to make it to the second date. You get your hopes up, you get disappointed, you dust yourself off and try again and get back in that seat to play relationship roulette. Most of the dates I go on are from OkCupid or Match.com since it's very obvious these men are available and interested in a relationship.

What are you looking for in a potential mate?
Someone who’s successful and grounded. Someone who can relate to the things I've been through in my life and can appreciate me for who I am and what I do for a living. I am picky, I hate to say it but it's true (I did say I was honest) looks are important to me but there has to be beauty on the inside too. A guy with a dog is a total dealmaker but bad teeth, that's a deal breaker.

What’s your take on the dating scene in Providence?
Dating is even more difficult as a gay man in Providence; the subculture is even smaller and more picked over than the H&M sale rack after Christmas. I had the benefit of not living here for 7 years, so I had been a bit removed, but going back into the Providence gay scene as a man in his late 30s was a whole new ballgame, although many of the same faces were still there! I honestly prefer to meet people for dating on-line and save the gay bars for a "girls night out." It's like shopping on-line for Christmas presents as opposed to fighting the crowds on Black Friday. Now, if only they had free shipping!

Want to say hi to Brandon? Drop a line to cupid@providenceonline.com, or meet him in person at our Mix and Mingle Party. Wednesday, February 12 from 6-9pm at The Whiskey Republic.

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