The Leading Ladies of PMC Media Group

March 2022


Walking in the front door of PMC Media Group, the typical sounds of a bustling marketing agency can be heard; phones ringing, keyboards clicking away, and collaborative conversations flowing between team members. Behind the daily hustle and bustle of the office lies a passionate and creative team led primarily by eight women.

“The women of PMC were instrumental in growing the business from a smaller operation to a now sizable agency serving nearly 130 clients both nationally and internationally,” says President Darren Jodoin. “Each one of them brings their own unique talents to the table every day for their respective departments. We wouldn’t be where we are today without their skill sets and drive.”

From graphic design and social media strategy to finance and project management, each team member specializes in their designated field to support the growing agency. Leading the PMC team is chief financial officer Natatia Jodoin, creative director Beth Zell, director of operations Jessica Walsh and project manager Jessie Barber. Team members Sarah Frechette (social media training and development coordinator), Lauren Vissicchio (social media engagement coordinator), Briana Botelho and Erin Bruyere (social media marketing specialists) round out the leading ladies of PMC, and with over 50 years of experience between them, this group has proven to be an exceptional asset to both the business and their clients.

Whether they are brainstorming in the conference room, leading a pitch call to a client, or creating out-of-the-box ideas, this group of women brings their A-game to PMC Media Group every single day. “That’s what makes us different than other marketing agencies”, says Jessica. “We have fun with it! Working closely with the whole team, bringing our concepts to life and seeing the client’s success as a product of our work is why we do what we do.”

PMC Media Group elevates their clients’ brands through thoughtful and strategic marketing initiatives to get them noticed and grow their businesses to a level they never imagined attainable. PMC is not just a full-service marketing agency, but an extension of their client’s team. They view their clients as partners on a marketing journey and together, coupled with the expertise of PMC’s web, social media, production, and creative teams, they bring their brands to life.

“It’s no secret that marketing is an essential part of any successful business” says Jessie. “It’s incredible the work that our team visualizes and brings to life for our clients, and the best part is that they get everything they need under one roof! There’s nothing that our team can’t do, and that’s the value we bring to each amazing business we work with.”

To view PMC’s full portfolio and capabilities, and to inquire about their extensive list of marketing services, call or visit online.

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