Eveline Luppi, Professional Painter

March 2022



Born and raised in Pawtucket, Rhode Island, Eveline Luppi has led a dual life between the contemporary art scenes in New York City and Rhode Island. She studied for several years at the Art Students League in Manhattan, where her mentors and instructors were Knox Martin, Larry Poons, and William Scharf, all nationally acclaimed artists. She developed her iconic style amid Manhattan’s flurry of artistic activity in the 1990s and early 2000s. “I found myself in the middle of the creative ferment as part of the contemporary art scene and evolved my present geometric and digital styles,” she recalls of her time spent in the artistic community there.

She has since exhibited widely, earning awards such as the J. Banigan Sullivan’s Award at the Providence Art Club and the Felicia Meyer Scholarship Award from the Art Students League of New York. Her work has been reviewed in numerous magazines by prominent art writers and critics.

“My art grew out of and is deeply grounded in the Rhode Island experience of landscape, ocean, and rivers,” Eveline explains. “I am a professional painter always immersed in creative reverie and exploration, as well as the pragmatic and often mundane workshop tools and techniques needed to realize my art.” It’s a deep sense of immersion she brings to her daily life: “A permanent exploration, a permanent discovery leading to unexpected results. Quite simply, that is why I love it.”


Displayed online for easy viewing, you can witness the progression of Eveline’s artistic body of work through the years, tracing her evocative perspectives of the world around her in technical yet emotional use of space. “My work includes abstract, iconic, and digital styles,” she says. “Lately, my art is aligned with and has grown into the tremendous explosion of activities in the digital art field, including new trends in virtual reality and blockchain NFTs,” or non-fungible tokens – one-of-a-kind encrypted digital assets valued for their authenticity.

If you click through Eveline’s archive, you’ll also find her iconic Musicians series of acrylic paintings featuring, for instance, a study of Aretha Franklin in her red hat singing at President Obama’s inauguration, as well as other early abstract work like “‘Red Cardinal,’ with the explosive red bird head against a garden of white flowers,” she describes. Additional series like Treehouses and Sea Marks further demonstrate her Rhode Island scenic influences, depicted in stripped down, colorful renderings, and geometric interpretations.


A teacher and a former gallery owner in addition to professional painter, Eveline is deeply involved in the local scene as a champion for others’ artistic pursuits, as well as online in Facebook and Instagram communities. She is a full member of the Pawtucket Advisory Commission on Arts and Culture, which works for the mayor to oversee and encourage the city’s art landscape, and she has close relationships with galleries in Manhattan and Cape Cod, as well as the Providence Art Club gallery.

This month, Eveline opens a solo show at Sprout Galleries in Providence and Warren, displaying a full retrospective of her career for the public to view a lifetime’s worth of her creative achievements. “It’s a perspective on my life as an artist, full of the color, line, movement, humorous and serious pieces, that express what I enjoy and love,” she says. “In the end, what I care about is the viewers’ engagement with the human connection in my art, expressing my enjoyment of the world and my outreach to everyone else.”

163 Exchange Street, Unit 402, Pawtucket • 646-468-2000


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