Three Newcomers Vie for Vacated Fox Seat

Democratic Primary, Rep. District 4


Aaron Regunberg Vs. Miriam Ross Vs. Heather Tow-Yick
District includes: Mount Hope, Summit, Blackstone

On March 21, the FBI descended on Gordon Fox’s home like a band of mosquitoes looking for blood; they arrived, sucked up whatever information they could gather, and quickly departed leaving behind a cloud of confusion and unresolved issues. Almost immediately after, Fox resigned as Speaker of the House and now for the first time in over 20 years, a freshman politician will represent the residents of District 4.

Three very different democratic East Siders are hoping to fill Fox’s empty seat: Aaron Regunberg, a 24 year old Brown graduate, dedicated community organizer and self proclaimed political science nerd; Miriam Ross, a lawyer, business owner and Roger Williams University School of Law adjunct professor who is, according to her own campaign slogan, “seasoned, experienced, trusted;” and Heather Tow-Yick, the executive director of Rhode Island’s Teach For America program whose family has voted in the district for four generations. Three candidates ranging in age, gender and experience, yet all share similar, progressive ideals. But, as was uttered in the film Highlander and which is just as applicable to this situation, “there can only be one.”

While all three candidates share similar beliefs – all are pro-choice and pro-marriage equality, believe in ethics reform within government and advocate for investment in teachers and youth programs – they each come with a different skill sets. The winner will face off against Indepedent Ethan Gyles who lives on Rochambeau Avenue. An environmental engineer by trade, Gyles plans to focus his campaign on ethics reform, the environment, economic growth and education.

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Aaron Regunberg

Democratic Primary, Rep. District 4

Miriam Ross

Democratic Primary, Rep. District 4

Heather Tow-Yick

Democratic Primary, Rep. District 4

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