Aaron Regunberg


Aaron Regunberg came to Providence from Chicago to attend Brown. In 2011 he organized a group of students, faculty and alumni dubbed “Brown for Providence,” which, through rallies, petitioning and outside media pressure were part of a wider communal effort that helped convince the Ivy League institution to give an additional $30 million to the city. He also created the Providence Student Union, a nationally recognized non-profit that brings high school students together to advocate for the changes they want within their own educational institutions.

An ideal of empowerment is at the core of Regunberg’s campaign: in terms of criminal justice, he wants to see a greater investment in after school/ job programs for our state’s youth, a proactive approach he is already familiar with from his work as a member of the Board of Directors of the Billy Taylor House where these types of programs are already in effect.

In education, Regunberg wants to change what he believes is a top down, compliance driven culture – something he’s witnessed first hand from his work with the Providence Student Union.

“We’re not providing students with the critical thinking skills they need to succeed.” says Regunberg during a conversation at Seven Stars Bakery on Hope Street. “In order to do that, we need to take a more prudent than profligate approach to standardized testing; we’re sacrificing learning for what students call ‘drill kill bubble fill.’ ”

Regunberg is a strong advocate for bottom-up, grassroots driven legislative and policy adjustment and believes he is the only candidate who has the necessary organization and communication skills to make a distinctive difference in a house of 75 votes. This belief is supported by numerous influential community members: Clean Water Action, the Rhode Island Progressive Democrats and District 1 State Representative Edie Ajello are just a few who are advocating for Regunberg.


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