Democratic Race for Governor Tightens as Pell Moves Up

Democratic Primary, Governor


Gina Raimondo Vs. Clay Pell Vs. Angel Taveras

Everyone running for Governor in the upcoming Democratic Primary has a Harvard connection, yet the campaign looks like they’re all fighting Yale! What started with convivial ads with candidates riding bikes with their families, posing with their families or telling tales of fighting poverty to gain success is beginning to morph into something that seems to get nastier each week.

Ironically, the candidates represent three of the most capable Democrats in the state, all wealthy (or getting there), all bright and accomplished, and all with track records of successfully putting their skill sets together to help their community. And all three have millions to spend if they choose to. And they are.

GoLocal puts the numbers being spent this year in perspective. In 2006, Democrat Charles Fogarty and Republican Don Carcieri spent $3.8 million total for the entire campaign. The three Democrats have already surpassed that number and we’re still in August.

Here’s a look at the three Providence based candidates hoping to be the first Democratic Governor since Bruce Sundlun was elected in 1990.

Click through the candidates (below) to find out more...

Gina Raimondo

Democratic Primary, Governor

Clay Pell

Democratic Primary, Governor

Angel Taveras

Democratic Primary, Governor

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