Style Profile: Christina Robbio

VP of Business Operations, Style Week Northeast


This outfit is very chic. Where can we get it?
I firmly believe you can find style and fashion at any store - it’s all a matter of knowing your look and what you like, as well as following trends. Being fashionable and chic does not mean you need to break the bank! I do my wardrobe shopping at all ends of the spectrum, from Nordstrom, one of my faves, to local boutiques like Nude at the Arcade. Of course, everyone loves Marshall’s. I take my time looking for pieces that are unique, versatile and provide the right fit and style.

How would you describe your style?
Classic trendy chic. I love putting a modern trendy twist on classic attire, like a classic suit with leather trim.

What advice would you give someone who is skeptical about wearing bold colors?

Wearing bold colors is an expression of yourself. I have always believed that beauty comes from within, and what we wear can be a reflection of who we are. Every color is not for everyone. My advice would be to get out of the “classic black” and start to experiment with different colors. Find a color that you are attracted to in other areas of your life, and try on one item of clothing in that color.

Does your job influence your wardrobe?
Every day! The creativity and talent of our StyleWeek designers is incredibly inspiring. It allows me to see the new season’s trends first hand, as well as the cut, texture and pairing of different garments and materials. Much of my inspiration in my wardrobe comes from seeing the designers at StyleWeek Northeast. The creativity behind their collections is astounding and motivates me to experiment in my own wardrobe.

How do you determine what accessories to wear?
I believe accessories are the staple part to any outfit. They can take you from day to night, and I have been asked many times about my “sleeve” of arm candy. I am big fan of stacking bracelets, which is the only accessory I truly change. Flaunt Boutique in Smithfield is my go to for everything to accessorize. With the different brands, and unique nature of her collections, I am able to create different looks on my wrists, incorporate different shapes, colors and shades of metal. Spikes are one of my favorite shapes in any accessory, even down to my phone case.

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