Influencer: 92 PRO-FM Radio Personality Bekah Berger Shares Hollywood Predictions and More

This Cranston native brings her love of Rhode Island to the airwaves weekday mornings

How did you get into radio?

I’ve always loved pop culture and had a special interest in music fueled by rushing home from school to watch TRL (Total Request Live) on MTV.  The concept of a “VJ” fascinated me, and I did the morning announcements in high school (shout-out to Bolts Broadcasting Corp at Cranston High School East!). When I was a student at the University of Rhode Island, I studied journalism and communications and participated in two radio internships, one of which being with the WPRO newsroom, which is how I got my foot in the door. It took one rush of turning the “on air” light on and I was hooked! I’ve had several mentors who have helped me along the way as well. 


You’ve recently started a new role at 92 PRO-FM on Giovanni in the Morning. How does it feel to become part of such an iconic and well-known program?

Like most Rhode Islanders, I grew up listening to 92 PRO-FM. I even called in once to the morning show in 2004 to talk about the finale of Friends! I’ve known both Gio and Jay Buff my entire radio career, but we are just now getting to work together closely. Getting to know them in a different way and collaborating daily has been really fun. It’s never lost on me that this is an iconic brand and show. If you told 12-year-old Bekah, who was probably taping songs on cassette like “Bye Bye Bye” and “Hit Me Baby (One More Time)” on PRO-FM, that she would be working here, she definitely wouldn’t have believed you. I also want to acknowledge how much I respect those who have come before me.


As a lifelong Rhode Islander, what does it feel like to have gained success in your industry in your home state?

I’m well aware that it’s rare for someone in my industry to not have to move away to stay employed. I’m grateful for the opportunities that have come my way, and to be able to do it all with family and friends listening and supporting me is truly a blessing. I love this state, I love where I come from, and that I get to raise my family here.


What are some of your favorite things to do locally?

I love seeing shows at PPAC. I’m always in awe of how majestic that theater is. Like any other good Rhode Islander, I love visiting and dining on Federal Hill and catching a WaterFire for a date night with my husband, Tony. My kids (two daughters Arielle, 4 and Iris, 2) enjoy going to Roger Williams Park Zoo. My friends and I recently had such a good time on the Comedy Bus. Speaking of, I always recommend taking in a show at The Comedy Connection or heading to any Rhode Island beach, which is my happy place.


You often report on Hollywood gossip. Any predictions for the year ahead?

“Experience” movies – as in people going all in and dressing up for the Barbie movie and concert films like Taylor Swift and Beyonce – were a big trend in the second half of 2023, so I expect to see more of that. I’ll bet *NSYNC ends up doing a limited tour or Vegas residency, and following the success of projects like The Gilded Age, Hocus Pocus 2, and Good Burger 2, I see more productions deciding to film in our beautiful state!  Listen to Berger, weekdays 6-10am on 92 PRO-FM,



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