Style Profile: Ed Brady

Nightlife impresario of Vanity Supper Club and the Thirsty Beaver


Meet Ed Brady: Nightlife impresario of Vanity Supper Club and the Thirsty Beaver

Vanity and the Beaver have two very different vibes. Do you incorporate those into your own personal style?
Vanity Supper Club was inspired by the 1920s and Prohibition. This was a very fun era to grab some style from. I enjoy wearing vests and dapper hats from this time period. On the other hand, the Thirsty Beaver’s attire is inspired by the woods/outdoors and wilderness, and the décor is a log cabin, so I really had to step up my flannel game. I enjoy getting the opportunity to switch up my attire at both places.

The Italians are big on the concept of sprezzatura – this idea of having a certain casual nonchalance about your wardrobe. How does that factor into your style?

I think it’s a great concept and, being half Italian myself, I am familiar with it. I never really cared what other people thought about my outfits until high school. Growing up playing hockey we had 6am practices before school, so after practice we came to school in flip-flops and swooshy pants with a hoody. After a little while I realized I was being judged for this type of attire, especially at that age. It is important to dress how you want to be perceived, so I would start to bring better outfits to practice. When I graduated college I moved to LA, which is a huge factor in my style today. LA is also where I got into thrift shopping for both furniture and attire.

A blue blazer is one of the most versatile items in any man’s wardrobe. How do you work this one into your daily wear?
The blue blazer goes with almost anything. It’s great because it can make a t-shirt formal, or can be put on when I am leaving the Thirsty Beaver mid-shift to check in at Vanity.

Jeans have gotten more diverse, and more acceptable as part of dressing up – i.e. pairing them with a blazer. What makes a good pair of jeans for you?
I enjoy shopping local. One of my favorite stores – and the store where I bought this outfit – is Ntrendsic in the Providence Arcade. Vicky does a good job of sizing your attire custom to you, and if it doesn’t fit right she won’t sell it to you. A nice pair of jeans is not too tight but not too loose, and long enough that you can cuff them up.

What are some of the ways you bring color or flair into an outfit?
Pocket squares are always a good accessory to add color. Colored laces with dress shoes are a new trend. Funky colored pants are also making quite the comeback. I enjoy wearing a nice pair of red pants or mustard colored pants with a fun blazer. Be different and have fun, but most importantly, be you.

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