Meet Camilla Akbas: From Cumberland to The Challenge and Back Again

Player 367 on Netflix’ hottest reality show on cookie challenges, creating content, and ceviche


Tell us a bit about yourself.

Along with being a full-time lifestyle content creator and Dunkin’ connoisseur, I also work as a software developer. I truly believe that it is possible to have many different sides, interests, and passions, and I’m happy and honored that I get to showcase them all.


What was it like being a contestant on Squid Game: The Challenge, a reality competition show for Netflix inspired by the South Korean television series Squid Game.

It was the most surreal experience of my life. I want to first mention how much of an honor it is to be picked out of hundreds of thousands of applicants; this little Middle Eastern gal got to represent our beautiful state on a global level. To walk into an experience where it looked exactly like the TV show blew my mind. I found it easy to connect with people due to being an extrovert, and quickly created several alliances. By the second day, I knew at least the name and one fun fact about all 197 people who lived with me. The hardest part of The Challenge was walking into games knowing that either yourself or your friends would not make it back with you.


How did you prepare to be on the show?

I did not train before the games and surprisingly, many others did not either! The only preparation I did was watch the original Squid Game show that came out in 2021 on Netflix. I wanted to make sure I had a refresh on the games, dorms, and outcomes that typically happened through the show. I truthfully think that if I rehearsed the cookie challenge, I would have been entirely more nervous and probably would have broken my cookie.


Back in Rhody, what are some of your favorite places?

I have favorite go-to ramen, Korean, sushi, BBQ, Brazilian, burger, vegan, and Indian spots, but I truly visit each one a ton. In Providence, I highly recommend getting Churrasco Anticuchero from Los Andes, and smoothies from In The Pink; however, as a New Englander, nothing beats a Dunkies trip in the morning.


How do you find your top spots to make content around the state?

We’re so fortunate to have so many amazing places to eat here in RI! Although I’ve tried many places, please feel free to send me your recommendations! My Instagram is @shutupcamilla.



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