Leading Ladies 2019

Leading Ladies 2019: Cindie DeMello & Tanya DiMarco

Healthy Meal Delivery Service Co-Owners, good4u


“We know that meal preparation is hard work, time consuming, and can be extremely stressful,” say Cindie DeMello and Tanya DiMarco, co-owners of good4U. “We take all of that off your plate...and put some healthy meals on it!”

Good4U is a healthy food prep and delivery service based out of the kitchens at Hope & Main in Warren. “We provide healthy, well-balanced, calorie conscious, nutrient dense meals,” Tanya says, adding that meals are catered around the customer’s goals. “Whether their goal is weight loss, portion control, restricting sodium, or just making life a little more manageable, we work with each customer to help meet their needs.” Cindie started her career over 25 years ago as a personal trainer. “One of the major roadblocks from keeping people from reaching their goals was time – time to plan, shop, and prepare healthy meals,” she says. With a degree in Exercise Science and Nutrition, Cindie headed back to school, this time JWU, to earn a culinary degree. “What makes Good4U different is that it comes with a personal trainer’s stamp of approval,” Cindie says. Tanya adds, “It’s part of our recipe for success.”

Indeed, planning, shopping, preparing, packaging, and delivering hundreds of meals is not an easy task. “The amazing feedback we get from our customers is what keeps us motivated...and that keeps them motivated!” says Cindie. “We truly value each customer, and take the time to get to know them as people and the challenges they face,” Tanya says.

They are both excited about the year ahead, especially a new pick-up retail location inside Body Natural Fitness Center in Barrington. “Customers are often lined up and waiting for us when we arrive with the meals. It’s been extremely well received,” they say. “We have a few plans on how to expand our services. Knowing that we help others achieve their goals is our greatest inspiration.” 


Warren | 401-580-4332

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