Leading Ladies 2019

Leading Ladies 2019: Rebecca Traxler

Owner, Ocean Tile Gallery


Inspiration comes easy at OCEAN TILE GALLERY, the beautiful designer showroom Rebecca Traxler opened in Westerly in 2017. Featuring the latest trends and materials, the incredible 3,000-square-foot storefront showcases a seemingly endless collection of tile, flooring, countertops, and home accents. “My goal is to make people feel inspired in their own homes,” Rebecca says. “I want people to stay in love with their homes.”

Showroom Exclusives for 2019

“There is nothing like seeing color and touching material in person. I love when customers walk in and are amazed by the selection here, and tell me how beautiful the space is.” The designer’s showroom is literally a full-service shop: customers receive on-site consultations, select materials, discuss budget, and schedule on-site visits and expert installation. “We do it all,” Rebecca says. From backsplashes to heated floors, there isn’t a renovation project too small or too large for the team here.

New exclusive tile collections, sound-bearing materials, and state-of-the-art flooring are just a sampling of what’s in store this year at Ocean Tile Gallery. “I’m continuing to add hard-to-find exclusives to give our customers the best browsing and decision-making experience possible.”

“I’m really excited about the increasing popularity of COREtec, a terrific alternative for wide plank hardwood flooring.” The high-quality line offers a great variety of flooring with the realistic look of wood. Durable and waterproof, the flooring can transform basements, mudrooms, kitchens, and beyond. “It adds a very modern touch, yet a classic look and feel. COREtec is the industry’s best, and I’m thrilled to showcase this collection this year.”

The showroom also offers unique home accents (like lamps and wall art), a recent addition brought on by genuine customer interest. “People would come in and want to buy the accessories we used to stage our vignettes,” she says, adding that they now have a wide selection of coastal-inspired decor available to purchase. These personalized touches are what it’s all about for Rebecca, who aims to exceed her customers’ expectations.

“We also do a lot commercially,” she says, adding that she knows firsthand how overwhelmed business owners can be. “From restaurants to boutiques and large-scale housing developments, we know how to make any renovation project seamless for local businesses.”

An Artistic Approach

“I’m passionate about design,” Rebecca says. “I especially love how versatile tile can be, and how creative you can get with it.”

A creative problem solver, Rebecca aims to “marry the people with their house” by taking the time to really get to know her customers’ design goals and needs. “I really look to create a harmonious union between people and homes by finding the right design that matches their lifestyle,” she says. Her goal is to always give the client what they want, regardless of budget. “That’s where I really get creative,” she says. “I always feel like I’m leaving my artwork behind in someone’s home, but at the end of the day it’s their home. I’m just honored to help them see their visions come true.”

Staying ahead of industry trends has been one of the keys to her continued success. From attending trade shows to building relationships with local building and remodeling professionals, Rebecca prides herself for staying informed in the flooring industry. “Education is so important, especially in an industry that is always innovating with new ways to use materials,” she says, adding that educating her clients is also a priority. “I value the meaningful relationships I have with my clients, and empowering them to make the right decisions is important to me.”

Building Her Own Career

With a determined mindset and a personal approach, Rebecca began her impressive career in flooring over 15 years ago. She continues to expand her residential and commercial portfolio at Ocean Tile Gallery and Eastern CT Flooring, her second business located in Groton, CT. “Running two businesses in two states can be challenging, but I love every minute.” Owning both businesses – coupled with her ever-increasing volume – also gives Rebecca unique access to the industry’s top manufacturers.

“I’m proud to have built this company from the ground up, to have done it on my own, and to continue growing it in my own way,” Rebecca says. “The building and construction industry has been predominantly owned and run by men. It’s inspiring to know that I have had a part in changing that.”

“Being a business owner has been a dream come true for me. And now I get to make my customers’ dreams a reality in their own homes, and in their businesses. It’s an absolute pleasure to help people express their unique personalities through design.” 

Ocean Tile Gallery

Westerly | 401-322-7000

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