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Interview: The Daily Scoop's Bob Saunders

The Daily Scoop keeps ice cream at home and in the family


When Bob and Deb Saunders, the husband-wife duo behind The Daily Scoop, were growing up in Barrington, the town did not have a local ice cream shop.  Now, with 16 years of business under their belts, they realize that the teenagers who work at their shop have never known the town without The Daily Scoop's delicious homemade ice cream.

When did you decide that you would open an ice cream shop in town?
My wife, Deb, and I had talked about opening a homemade ice cream shop in Barrington for years. We were boaters and would find great homemade ice cream shops wherever we went.

How long does it usually take to perfect a new flavor recipe?
It takes a few runs of a new flavor to get it right. I’ve also realized that what I like is not always what others like, so I also take suggestions. A few years ago a customer suggested that our coffee frozen yogurt could be stronger so I tweaked the recipe. I wished he had told me about 12 years earlier!

Are you able to source any of your ingrdients locally?
I make early morning trips to Tourtellot & Company in Warwick and the staff there always give me the best of the best. If you like peaches, then you’ll have to try my peach ice cream. It’s a time-consuming flavor to make and there are no short cuts. The peaches need to be scrubbed, pitted, blended and marinated overnight – it’s worth it though. Deb would add that the most important ingredient at The Daily Scoop is our staff. We have amazing kids working for us each year and they are all local.

I hear that your carrot cake ice cream has an entire carrot cake in it.  Is that true?
Carrot cake was a favorite dessert of mine for a while so I thought, “why not stuff it into an ice cream machine?” It’s really time-consuming and would sell out so quickly. When we make it now, we buy the carrot cake from Barbara at Billy’s Restaurant. It’s an amazing carrot cake that makes amazing ice cream.

The day you open for the season in Barrington is practically a holiday.  Are there any traditions you carry out year to year?
We give free ice cream to moms on Mother’s Day and to dads on Father’s Day. These traditions are our ways of saying thank you to the parents who have made us a part of their family memories. While interviewing employees for this season, Deb and I were struck by how many employees were born in 2000. We realized that these kids don’t know Barrington without The Daily Scoop! That’s a big thrill for us. We didn’t have anything like The Daily Scoop growing up in town, and we’re happy to have been able to create something that is so special to so many people in town and beyond.

What are your and Deb's favorite flavors?
Vanilla for me, I like fresh and simple flavors. I call the vanilla I use liquid gold. Deb’s favorite flavor is strawberry, because of how I make it. I use two flats of fresh strawberries. Similar to how I make the peach ice cream, the strawberries are scrubbed, hulled and marinated overnight. I’m not sure there’s a place around that makes it like I do.

Why did you pick Bristol for your second shop?
The location! We loved that it was across from the harbor and such a nice park. It’s such a thrill to see families stop at our Bristol shop and then spend time together in the park. We really love the surrounding businesses and Bristol has welcomed us with open arms.

Why did you choose the East Bay to run your ice cream shops?
Because it’s home. We were both fortunate to have grown up in Barrington and I had been in business on County Road owning the Shell Station with my brother for 20 years. Going somewhere else never crossed our minds.

Can you describe your perfect Daily Scoop ice cream sundae?
I’m a purist so my favorite is simple: Vanilla ice cream in a homemade waffle cone. Deb would probably say Banana Peanut Butter or Coconut Almond ice cream, hot fudge, whipped cream and nuts.

The Daily Scoop
230 County Road Barrington 401-245-0100
446B Thames Street Bristol 401-254-2223

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