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Citrus Sensations

PVD's selection of lip-smacking lemonades


What is it about lemonade that makes it so characteristic of summer? Do recollections of front yard stands flood your memory or is it just the drink’s quenchable trait that makes you crave a sip of citrus? Regardless, lemonade is a seasonal staple and we don’t want you sauntering around the city without knowing where to find it. Check out the area’s most refreshing medleys this month.

The Citrus Sister

You can have your lemonade and sip it too. Wildlfour Vegan Bakery’s seasonal blueberry lemonade offers a not-so-tart alternative to this super sweet tradition. Obviously fresh, this pleasant, easy-to-sip version is lightly lemony with just the right hint of blueberry. We agree that this subtle combination would complement a smorgasbord of bold flavors at your next summer barbeque, just the way any lemonade should. 727 East Avenue, Pawtucket. 475-4718


Fresh-Pressed Love

A gift to the senses, Hudson Street Deli’s bright, fresh-pressed lemonade tastes just as refreshing as it smells. The perfect balance of tart and sweet, we could sense the real lemon taste without the bitterness of its rind for a smooth, but not cloying, taste. Fantastic with some gin and even better with your toes in the sand, this swigable sign of summer is an all-star for all occasions. 68 Hudson Street. 228-8555

Healthy Hydrations

Benefit Juice Bar and Café’s take on lemonade consisted of apple, coconut water and lemon. It reminded us of a light iced tea, brewed from scratch. Slightly sweetened with honey, the slushy consistency of blended ice and fruit was comparable to a “grown-up Del’s.” Easy to slurp with a straw, the slow melt of this textural drink will hydrate your whole day at the beach. 404 Benefit Street. 274-6403


A Summer Essential

Clean Plate could also be named Clean Cup based on their strawberry lemonade. Puréed to a barely thick consistency, the sweet blend speckled with strawberry pulp reminded us of a melted Italian ice, free from artificial flavors. This is a fruity twist that preserves its lemonade character, and is the perfect cool down on a sweltering July day. 345 South Water Street. 621-8888

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