Taste Test

A Tour of South County Ice Ceam

South County's delectable scoops are a summer (or really anytime) must


Truth: ice cream and gelato are wonderful anytime of year, but during the summer they’re almost elemental. Like the sand in our flip flops, we’ll never completely shake our craving for a good old-fashioned cup or cone. Instead of fighting your urge, we encourage you to honor it. With four homemade hot spots to cool you down, you can’t go wrong in South County.

Killer Combinations

Brickley’s rich and creamy salted caramel ice cream combined with slightly crunchy cashew halves and big semisweet chocolate chips for a savory surprise. Perfect in an ice cream cone, we liked this version as is, free from toppings or sprinkles that may distract from its awesome composition. 921 Boston Neck Road, Narragansett. 789-1784

Classic Italian

Nana’s Gelato’s Bacio gelato was similar to a grown up Nutella. This not-too-sweet base mixed with super fine hazelnut bits for a pleasing texture. Packed with notes of real cocoa, this mixture would be heavenly with a slab of Italian biscotti or sandwiched between two chocolate chip cookies. 28A Pier Market Place, Narragansett. 782-2705

Delectable Refresher

Deliciously light and airy, Junk and Java’s mint chocolate chip gelato had small but obvious chocolate chips dispersed throughout the subtle, yet refreshing, mint flavor for a hint of sweetness that didn’t distract from the plant’s natural quality. Brisk but not overly pungent, we thought this interpretation trumped artificial alternatives any day. 49 Beach Street, Westerly. 315-0111

A Parent Trap Twist

What happens when you combine the bold flavors of peanut butter and Oreos? A super smooth ice cream reminiscent of Reese’s Pieces with yummy hunks of cookie. Unlike typical peanut butter ice creams, The Inside Scoops version wasn’t heavy or loaded with saturating flavored swirls. Instead of competing, the components worked together for a stellar combination. 30 Ten Rod Road, North Kingstown. 294-0091


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