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Holistic Health Treatments

Sometimes the right treatment doesn’t come from a prescription


Once trends dismissed by the medical community, holistic alternatives are increasingly valued as part of a person’s allover wellbeing. Modalities like reiki and reflexology might sound a little strange, but they can do wonders to boost your energy, wellness and spirit.

There are literally thousands of scientific studies on the benefits of meditation. Not only can you boost your mental state (meditation can lead to better focus, and lessened depression and anxiety), but you can experience physical effects like increased immunity, lowered blood pressure and more energy. But, there’s more to meditation than just sitting still. Download an app on your smartphone, or find strength in numbers at the Providence Zen Center. The Buddhist monastery hosts free meditation classes every Wednesday, with optional dinner followed by sitting and walking meditation. 99 Pound Road, Cumberland. 401-658-1464,


A form of energy healing that involves the laying of hands on a person’s body to clear away stress and promote healing, Reiki is a Japanese mode of stress relief that’s now practiced all over the world, even at hundreds of American hospitals. The idea is that if a person feels happier, the body is quicker to get healthy and more likely to stay healthy. Boost your energy level at Inner Love and Light Reiki, which offers 30-minute and hour-long sessions. Warwick. 914-216-8660,

Having tiny needles stuck all over your body might not sound like a good time, but the ancient practice is painless (really) and can have huge benefits to your emotional and physical wellbeing. It’s used to alleviate pain, reduce stress and improve headaches, arthritis and countless other maladies. Providence Community Acupuncture offers sliding scale acupuncture services – it’s pay what you can, no questions asked, and they allow existing members to bring a first-timer for free. 1055 Westminster Street, Providence. 401-272-2288,

It’s not just about luxury spa experiences and “treating yourself.” Massage can help everyone, from those with spinal issues and headaches to people dealing with chemotherapy and fertility issues. West Side Wellness staffs body workers, as opposed to spa masseuses, who work with you to find the best treatments for your ailments. They offer sliding scale prices and help clients discern whether body work is covered by their insurance providers. 376 West Fountain Street, Providence. 401-274-2225,

Ear Coning
Also known as ear candling, this practice involves placing a cone-shaped candle into the ear canal, and lighting the end. The smoke goes into the ear, and creates a vacuum that draws out toxins and excess wax. The practice is also believed to help alleviate common ear issues like tinnitus and hearing loss. Try it at A Touch of Tranquility in Cranston. 747 Pontiac Avenue, Suite 103, Cranston. 401-490-2114.

Structural Integration
For chronic issues or old injuries, it takes more than just muscle manipulation to work through them. Structural Integration, or Neuromuscular Therapy, resets the body’s patterns by working with connective tissues, removing the body’s stored stress responses to trauma (“trauma” can be as simple as sitting at a badly made desk for 40 hours a week). Healing Arts Professionals offers free consultations to determine whether Neuromuscular Therapy can be helpful for clients. 1100 Aquidneck Avenue, Middletown. 401-846-4956,

Remember that scene in Moonstruck when Nicolas Cage is desperately proclaiming his love for Cher, and her response is just to “Snap out of it!”? Hypnosis isn’t quite as simple as that, but sometimes a mental reset can snap you out of negative patterns. Hypnosis of Westerly may help you reach your goals, from nixing bad habits like smoking and nail biting to alleviating insomnia, boosting confidence or losing weight. 26 Cosmo Street, Westerly. 401-258-5247,

All of the body’s systems are linked together – that’s why when you’re favoring one leg over the other because of an ankle injury, your hip starts hurting, and then your back and then your shoulders. Reflexology is an alternative medicine that uses the body’s linked reflex points – mostly in the head, hands and feet – to heal other parts of the body. Studies have suggested that reflexology not only helps with stress relief, but can reduce pain in cancer patients. Inner Healing Beauty offers reflexology as part of their “beauty from the inside out” philosophy. 58 Main Street, East Greenwich. 401-632-9500,

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