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Healthcare 2.0

Take charge with these convenient and tech-savvy options


Today’s modern medicine puts patients in the driver’s seat, arming them with information and treatment solutions at their fingertips. Here are six innovative ways to upgrade your healthcare management.

Online Eye Exams
Available in only 32 states, Opternative is a new system that conducts online eye exams from any computer or smart phone in less than 25 minutes. The digital refractive exam uses a set of vision tests and algorithms that provide board-certified ophthalmologists in Rhode Island with the necessary information to write prescriptions for contacts or glasses without an appointment.

Where: Prescriptions are emailed directly to the patient or sent to their designated eyewear provider in just 24 hours.

Payment information: The initial exam is free, however patients must pay $40 for one prescription or $60 for both contacts and glasses.
How to enroll: Visit to sign up.

Digital Records
Newly launched by Rhode Island Quality Institute, CurrentCare’s digital medical history system maintains a comprehensive record of an individual’s lab results, vaccinations, medications and doctor or hospital visits. Safe and reliable access to this information grants authorized doctors the ability to prevent cross-medication or repetitive testing so you receive the best care possible.

Where: Every local hospital, as well as most physician’s offices, long-term care facilities and visiting nurse agencies, participate in CurrentCare.
Patients include: Adults 18 years and older.
Payment information: CurrentCare is free and accessible to anyone who receives medical care in Rhode Island.
How to enroll: Enrollment can be completed online at or at your preferred doctor’s office. 

Fast Treatments
Seeing a health practitioner has never been easier thanks to the CVS Minute Clinic’s walk-in services. Staffed with certified nurse practioners and physician assistants, the Minute Clinic treats every ailment from minor injuries – including ankle sprains and tick bites – to more common illnesses such as pink eye and urinary tract infections.

Where: Minute clinics are located at select CVS stores in Cranston, East Greenwich, North Smithfield, Providence, Wakefield, Westerly and Woonsocket.
Services treated: Minor illnesses, minor injuries, skin conditions, screenings,
monitorings, physicals, weight loss assessments, vaccinations, injections and
in-clinic labs.
Patients include: Adults and children 18 months and older.
Payment information: Major insurance plans are accepted, as well as out-of-pocket payments from the uninsured.
Before you go: Appointments aren’t necessary. After signing in at the patient
kiosk, patients can opt to receive one-time text messages that alert them 30 minutes before a practioner is available to meet, so there’s less wait time. Visit

Beyond Bloodwork

When conventional lab work or pathological diagnostics cannot get to the root of your symptoms, electrodermal detection may help. The Asyra system, an FDA-approved electrodermal testing device, offers a non-invasive way to evaluate health concerns by sending weak currents throughout the body and measuring their energy conductance with highly-sensitive sensors. Detected imbalances, including organ stress and nutritional deficiencies, identify health problems before symptoms arise.

Where: Nature’s Wisdom Wellness Association. 54 High Street, Westerly.
Services identify: Heavy metal buildup, allergy analysis, hormone frequency imbalances, vertebral analysis and more.
Patients include: Adults and children 12 months and older.
Payment information: An out-of-pocket expense of $150 for your first visit. Insurance not accepted.
Before you go: Appointments are necessary and patients can expect to spend up to an hour and a half for their first visit, which includes a pre-analysis consultation. Visit for more information.

Diagnosis Via Selfie
Rhode Island Dermatology and Cosmetic Center’s new Electronic Medical Assistant telemedicine service provides patients with medical advice and remote treatments. Using the ModMed Telehealth smartphone app, patients send photos of their skincare conditions directly to practioners at Rhode Island Dermatology. Virtual data is captured and stored for dermatologists to diagnose skin conditions.

Where: Rhode Island Dermatology and Cosmetic Center. 3 Wake Robin Road, Lincoln.
Services identify: Acne, psoriasis, moles, rashes, rosacea, skin cancer, wrinkles, warts and abnormal growths.
Payment information: Major insurance plans are accepted, as well as out-of-pocket payments from the uninsured.
Before you go: All new patients are required to fill out a patient-intake form prior to their first appointment. Visit

Smarter Labwork

Schedule lab test appointments at any Quest Diagnostics location in the state with the free MyQuest Mobile Health App on your iPhone or Android. Appointment reminders, test preparation instructions and directions to your nearest Quest Diagnostics facility offer a seamless experience. Lab test results are emailed directly to individuals, while prescription information, vital health stats and immunization records are stored on the app’s database.

Where: To find your nearest Quest laboratory, visit
Services include: Routine lab tests, glucose tolerance tests and more.
Before you go: Create a personal account at to accessthe free app.

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