Most Eligible 2015

Emily Hall

Director of Marketing, Union Studio Architecture & Community Design


Age: 42
From: Toledo, Ohio
Currently lives: Downtown Providence

Ok, so tell us about what makes you eligible. What are your interests/hobbies/quirks? What would people be surprised to know about you?

I believe that what makes someone “eligible” is when they’re comfortable in their own skin and content with their life. I like to think of myself as fitting that description. I’ve inherited a lot of my character traits from my Midwestern roots: I’m loyal, determined, and down-to-earth. I recently went to night school and earned my MBA. But that’s the serious side of me. I also have a wildly creative side and my artwork reflects that. I went to design school at RISD and since have created a satirical collage series that has been shown in local galleries. That’s something most people do not know about me…

I enjoy exploring underrated rustbelt cities by myself. In the past I’ve vacationed in Detroit, Milwaukee, and Pittsburgh. And though I am an introvert, I do go out most evenings. My friends are priceless and we love the restaurants, bars, and events that Providence offers.

What are you looking for in an ideal mate? What about an ideal first date?
I’m looking for someone who is witty, funny, unique -- who has his act together personally and professionally. Kindness is important, as is being self-aware and being able to laugh at himself. I’m a sucker for a good conversationalist with great manners.

I’m simple. For an ideal first date; cocktails and dinner. It’s important to have the chance to talk to see if a second date is in the cards. If the connection is there, there’s plenty of time for activities. And I find carnivals very romantic.

What's your perfect weekend? Where can we find you in your downtime?
I love boating with friends in the summer. Experimenting cooking new recipes. Wine tasting. Art. Cycling the East Bay bike path. Chilling with my giant rabbit, Henry.

Let's talk about dating in Providence. What's your take on the singles scene here?
Clearly this state is tiny, which makes for a small dating pool – especially if you’re over 40. But on the flip side, Providence is full of interesting people. And there’s no lack of things to do.

Every single one of your married friends has probably recommended online dating. Have you tried it? How do you feel about matchmaking sites? Tinder?
Let’s face it, dating sites are unnatural. There’s already all this “stuff” out there before you even meet in person. You’re working off of a persona based on a photo and a few sentences, and your date does the same about you. If I were to design a dating site, I’d make it in nomination format. Your profile would be written by friends and relatives. I’m betting that the most genuine people out there are the ones who don’t know how to market themselves.


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