Most Eligible 2015

Joe Wilson, Jr

Acting Company, Trinity Repertory Company


Age: 43
From: New Orleans, LA
Currently lives: Providence, RI

Ok, so tell us about what makes you eligible. What are your interests/hobbies/quirks? What would people be surprised to know about you?

I think what makes me eligible is simply the fact that I have been single for a very long time ....I am sooooooo eligible. Between college, graduate school, and working in the professional theater for almost 20 years, dating has always been a tricky proposition. People in this business keep odd hours, and I've moved around quite a bit as a result of my work. But by being a member of the Acting Company at Trinity Rep for now my 10 season, I have had the opportunity to create a home for myself in Providence, along with my 3 year old Black Lab named Stella.

What are you looking for in an ideal mate? What about an ideal first date?
I am ready to meet a man that is attracted to me, as well as I to him. I am looking to meet someone who will make me laugh, and who finds me just as entertaining. It would be fun to hang out with someone with simple needs, but not a simple mind.

What's your perfect weekend? Where can we find you in your downtime?
To be perfectly honest, I work lots of weekends. If I am in performance I usually have my days free, and if I am rehearsing a production my nights free. So how I enjoy my downtime can take many forms. I love going to the beach. I love having a wonderful dinner out, maybe with a little dancing after. Or a nice brunch....with a cocktail of course! Ha! Cooking a great meal at home, and watching a football game is also a way that I love to spend my free time. Also, in my downtime you will find me and my furry friend taking a long walk, or throwing a ball in the park. I guess what I'm trying to say is when a perfect weekend happens, we will know it. I will enjoy it, and thank whomever helped to make that happen.

Let's talk about dating in Providence. What's your take on the singles scene here?
Well, I'm not much of a "scene person". I tend to run away from anything that is labeled a scene. I think the single scene here is as it would be anywhere. I think single people are busy, trying to work to pay the rent, or the mortgage, and maybe raise kids. I think single people don't want their time wasted. And that's okay. When you do spend time with someone you want that time to be quality. That's all. You know, I have dated a few times, but nothing really long-term. I am hoping that that would change.

Every single one of your married friends has probably recommended online dating. Have you tried it? How do you feel about matchmaking sites? Tinder?
I have tried the online dating sites, sure. I think we all have in some way shape or form. It doesn't beat meeting someone face-to-face for the first time, and discovering a connection, experiencing an attraction. Online dating is fine, but I'd like to talk to somebody. In the end, I just enjoy being face-to-face with someone, having a conversation, a drink, coffee, and being able to interpret ones intentions, read body language, and see if there is a connection that will lead you to want me to see me again, and vice versa


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