Superlatives Class of 2015

Biggest Do-Gooders

Social Enterprise Greenhouse


SEG is an organization with the noble mission of supporting organizations with noble missions. Social enterprises are nonprofit organizations and for-profit businesses with a model of doing well to do good; the idea is to create good jobs and offer products or services that have a positive impact on society. SEG provides these fledgling ventures with the support and resources they need to grow and thrive. It offers development programs and workshops for entrepreneurs, affordable co-working space at its new SEG Hub in Davol Square, financial services, bookkeeping and vital connections to higher ed through its SEG University program. CEO Kelly Ramirez sees this work as both altruistic and economically beneficial. “Because of the growing community of changemakers who believe in the promise of social enterprise, Rhode Island truly is becoming the leading place on the East Coast to launch ‘do well, do good’ businesses,” she says. “Recruiting and retaining more social entrepreneurial talent to the state will only make our economy and community stronger.” Kelly calls it “do well, do good,” we call it “win-win.” 

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