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Headmaster Magazine


As much as we might want to think differently, Providence Monthly isn’t the only magazine being made in our fair city. Headmaster, though, is an entirely different sort of publication than what you’re holding: think high art, but about gay men, mostly without clothing. “Our tagline is ‘the biannual art magazine for man-lovers,’ and each issue features original projects by nine or ten artists,” say publishers Matthew Lawrence and Jason Tranchida. “Major print magazines have been struggling, but there’s been a renaissance of smaller creative, collectible magazines in the last few years. Some of our stockists put us in the queer section and some put us in the art section. So if anything, we feel it broadens the conversation(s).” The response has been positive for the first six editions of the limited run (1,000 copies) magazine – so positive, in fact, that Marc Jacobs sells the book at his Provincetown store, along with about 30 other global locations, including five in Providence, Atomic Books in Baltimore (“where John Waters gets his mail delivered,” they note), the Institute for Contemporary Art in Boston, as well as locations in Chicago, Los Angeles, Berlin, Stockholm and Tokyo. “Headmaster No. 7 is the field trip issue,” Matthew and Jason say, “so before the summer’s over we’ll actually be taking folks on a field trip through Providence.” That’s the kind of trip you’re not soon to forget. 

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